I am essentially a mathematician with a natural passion of science and technology who, for... strange reasons, landed his first job on the trading floor of a big international investment bank (ABN Amro). In the following years, while still in finance, the universe conspired to turn me towards software architecture / software engineering, and since there is no way in hell I would become a low paid academic researcher, I eventually decided to commit to a life of making the world a better funnier place through software. (That's like falling into the dark side for somebody with my education, but the dark side has its perks).

As a technologist, I tend to be relatively un-opinionated when it comes to the choice of tools (programming languages, frameworks, service providers etc). I have notably learnt what it means to write correct code and designing systems by reading "The Art of Unix Programming" and "The Unix Haters Handbook". I sometimes get pulled towards religious ideologies such as The Right Way of Doing Things, but it's quite high level (higher than disputes around OO versus Functional, or SQL versus NoSQL), and is maybe an expression of my mathematical mind and some personal form of extremely abstract and always evolving feeling of "Being Fit for Purpose (tm)".

I am a geek in the sense that I can dive into an abstract or a practical problem for hours and forget to eat while being at it, but I am also very good with people. Also, due to accident of birth (namely my first couple of jobs) and also due to my complete misunderstanding of hierarchy, I have a talent in navigating the sharky waters of the Corporate World. On this note, I am very much like Brantley Foster (Michael J. Fox) in the 1987 movie "The Secret of My Success". I can be ruthlessly pragmatic in my relationship with other people (the Eric Cartman within), but I am also very friendly and a team player.

I fall short of being a permanent HEART: Humble, Effective, Adaptable, Remarkable, and Transparent; because I am Humble only some days of the week and mostly by accident.

The person who the most contributed in shaping my professional personality was my female boss at Standard Bank.